Residence Permissions in Turkey

If foreigner want to stay in Turkey, they have to take residence permission first. It was so hard last years but after 2014 government is giving this permissions to everybody for 1 year.

With the new law, foreigners who wish to reside in Turkey dealing with the police department does not execute anymore, Ministry of Interior General Directorate of Migration Affairs will prepare the necessary procedures. All foreigners in Turkey can apply. After the registration of procedures, all the documents will be sent to Ankara.

residence permit turkey

Residence permit and renewal applications to the first applicants should prepare this documents:
Valid Passport
4 photos (white background / new and recognizable face)
A copy of the passport page: photocopy of photo page, showing the last entry to the country-stamped copy of the page and copy of pages showing the validity period

  • Minimum of 11,000 TL on hand or in bank account or foreign exchange office report
  • Priced according to your age and general health insurance
  • With the original and copy of the title deed
  • Tax Number
  • The present residence permit (blue book) (required when applying for renewal)
  • Population residing in Turkey to be supplied from the office address
  • The prosecution in the criminal record and signed by an officer
  • Note: For married couples also requested copies of all documents are required.
  • Residence Permit delivery envelope
  • New residence permit delivery of the envelope
  • Short-Term Residence Permit Fees

Amount to be paid to the tax office is $ 80. This price is calculated based on the daily exchange rate and shall be paid in Turkish lira. Plus, card issuing and registration is paid for 50 Turkish Liras. 


  1. All documents are prepared and delivered to the police station.
  2. Guard checks the documents.
  3. The amount corresponding to the tax office are paid and receipts are submitted to officials.
  4. Full documentation is completed and after obtaining the consent of officials will be sent to Ankara. 2 weeks to 3 months visa will come to your address registered in Turkey.

During this time you are registered for more info or you can check your local police office stations.
This process will completed in 2 months to take your card.

If you receive a residence permit for the first time, you can learn foreign identification number from this link;

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