Property Purchasing Expenses in Tittle Transfer

Unlike most European countries, property registering process in Turkey is not performed by the Public Notary but by the Property Registry Department, also it is a legal requirement for the buyer and seller to be present in the Property Registry Department during this process.
Giving a Power of Attorney to a third party is also possible but it needs to be authorized at Notary Public. After Registering all needed papers and under all previously mentioned conditions the title deed which is called the
“Tittle Deed (Tapu)" will be delivered to the new owner immediately.

Property Purchasing Expenses in Tittle Transfer

Expenses paid only once:

1. Title Deed Registering Tax:
4% of the property value stated in the Property Registry Department (Tapu Office). This is paid at one of the State owned Banks at the time of title deed delivery.

2. Title Deed Registration Fees paid at the Property Registry Department:
About 65 Euro.

3. Private Completion Report (Ferdi Iskan):
Obtaining a “Private Completion Report” fees Starting from 350 Euro Depending on the Property’s Size and location.

4. Real Estate Agent Service fees:
By the law of turkey licensed and registered real estate agents fees are 6% + VAT of the actual sales price of the property from each party “buyer and seller”.

5. Lawyer Service Fees (If Required):
Lawyer service fee is 1% of the property’s actual price (or a minimum of 1200 Euro + 18% VAT).

6. Cost of Giving Power of Attorney (If Required):
About 20 Euro.

Annual and Continuous Expenses:
Property Annual Tax (Emlak Vergisi):
The annual property annual tax is 0.1% of the property’s value estimated by the local municipality
(tax must be paid before the end of May each year).

Property Insurance:
Insurance cost is between 50 and 100 Euro (depending on the property’s size)

Electricity Costs:
Establishing an electricity meter for the first time:
About 80 Euro (paid once).

Transferring old electricity meter to your name:
About 30 Euro (paid once)

Water Costs:
Establishing a water meter for the first time:
About 100 Euro (paid once).

Transferring old water meter to your name:
About 30 Euro (paid once)

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